The majority of gun owners have guns for personal safety or for sport. However, in a number of states keeping guns is a safe is mandatory and where it is not, there is pressure to do so. As the public has raised concern over accidental firearm accidents.

So how can a gun owner maintain their personal protection, as well as the safety of those and their loved ones. A safe is the obvious solution, but not a large heavy gun safe as many would imagine. Instead a small gun safe that can be kept close at hand. A small gun safe that is placed next to a bed is a perfect way to satisfy this dilemma. Go to to see an example a such safe.

A small gun safe with a key is generally not ideal, as in case of an emergency the user needs to access the gun safe quickly and efficiently and does not need to be fumbling about for the key to the safe. A better option is to have a pin code with a backlight so it can be accessed in the night. Or even better to have a safe with a biometric locking mechanism, such as a fingerprint, so that the safe can be opened quickly in case of an emergency.

There is no doubt that storing a gun in a safe is the correct thing to do, the question is what sort of safe. A small easily accessible safe in a good location is the best option to maintain the security of a gun owner and their family.