18 inch portable dishwasher

After any 18" portable dishwasher, cutlery and crockery looks clean, shiny and hygienic. These qualities are achieved thanks to the fact that the washing occur at 158 degrees F. Smart hostess programmed the operation of their 18″ portable dishwasher machine on 131 degrees F, and than add a detergents in the dishwasher. If you wash dishes at a temperature manually, then it is likely to burn your hands. Also, do not forget about the harmfulness of detergents for housewives hands.

Dishwasher and question of savings

Mistresses do not spend their precious time on cleaning the dishes, they only fill up their 18 inch portable dishwasher, and then it's up to her. If we calculate, this save up to 200 hours of free time per year. Imagine how much we are standing at the sink!

Water consumption. There is a significant savings. After calculating the flow came to this conclusion: to wash hands items 12-14 times, spent 127 pints of water, and a dishwasher uses for this purpose a total of 42 pints of water. For the year, it will save almost 2113 gallons of water!

Electricity consumption. If you have a water heater in the kitchen, the electricity consumption savings is obvious, because it's reduced the amount of water needed for washing dishes, which is preheated. If the water supply comes from the heating pipe, the electricity for one sink rate is between 2 kW and more. Electricity substantial savings when using hot water from the water heater, or solar panels. The remaining cases are still significant cost of electricity.

Spending on detergents. Each 24" and 18" portable dishwasher must be added a variety of cleaning products: tablets, powders, salt and liquid rinse aid. Salt for dishwasher, some housewives replace ordinary table salt. Personally, I get around well without rinse aid. Some housewives are advised to replace the special detergents for cleaning materials. By the way, in order to remove the bad smell in the dishwasher, you need to turn it on for one cycle, for example, rinsing, without dishes, and sprinkle it into the baking soda.