Many home and business owners have chosen the original Buffalo Grass for their land cover because it is the only grass that suits their desire for green grass and is easy to maintain in a dry environment.

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Buffalo grass is a beautiful grass that can be used in hot and dry areas because it has the capacity to pass through drought and excessive temperatures.

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Buffalo grass is a smooth and attractive grass that grows in areas with low humidity. The color varies from green to cyan but can turn yellow during the winter.

However, once the snow falls, the everlasting Turf Buffalo is expected to return to the luxurious green surface.

Rocky limestone and well-drained clay are very suitable for the Buffalo region. To get incredible green pigmentation, this grass prefers about one inch of water every week even though it can reduce the amount of hydration.

For a flat appearance with a preferred height, the grass will require periodic cuts and trimming.

Buffalo Grass is an excellent choice for properties that are too large to be cut periodically because it only reaches a maximum height of 10 inches when stored in natural conditions.