Whether of opposite gender or same gender unions, unmarried couples face many estate planning issues (and opportunities). Although unmarried couples face challenges that married couples do not, most are difficulties that may be overcome with planning.

However, because lots of the issues discussed in this specific article are state-specific, it's important that unmarried lovers preparing an estate plan seek the counsel of the lawyer familiar with the laws of their states of domicile. Click here to know more about estate planning.

Unlike married people, unmarried lovers do not benefits of lots of the legal default and presumptions procedures under point out and federal government legislations. For instance, unmarried couples: aren't eligible for the federal unlimited estate and gift idea tax marital deductions; cannot make use of the free of tax "rollover" of pension benefits very much the same as a making it through spouse; aren't protected under most express intestacy regulations that determine who obtains a decedent's property when there is no Will; and aren't allowed, by most express laws, to choose against a partner's Will and in that way receive a part of the deceased partner's property.

Same- gender lovers have made some strides under regulations toward qualifying for the same benefits that married couples enjoy. In Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Washington D.C., relationships for same-gender lovers are legal and presently performed. In NJ, civil union are allowed, which provide state-level spousal rights to same-gender couples.