There are times when you may not be in a position to pay your bills and you might wonder what solutions might be available to you that would help you solve your problems. It would all depend upon the nature of your bills for example as if it is something that is under your control then you may simply stop using those services anymore until you are in a better position to afford them in future.

If however you are talking about your credit card bills and repayments of your various loans that you have taken out from different sources then you are in for it bigger challenge. One of the best ways that you could manage repayments of your debts as well as paying your credit card and other store card bills is by negotiating with your creditors and expressing your inability to continue everything as expected.

You would obviously want them to either reduce the interest rates or forgive you any interest amounts provided that you can repay the original amount in time. However it may not be easy to contact these companies directly instead you may find it important to get in touch with debt management companies who are legally capable of resolving your problems through a range of different solutions such as Individual Voluntary Arrangement.