What are the different types of welding and what are they used for? If you are looking for a 20,000-foot view of the different types of welding along with applications.

Stick welding

Stay welding is frequently called Arc welding although that’s kind of a misnomer because TIG welding and MIG welding are now arc welding processes too. But ARC welding is what most of the people still call stick on welding. Stick welding could be the old school type of welding that grandpa used to do to repair his tractor in the barn.
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MIG welding

Mig welding is considered one of many most easy kinds of welding to master. Why? Since it shortens the pole doesn’t have to be fed as with stick welding. All the owner is needed to do is always to take the trigger and out the finish of the MIG welding gun and a cable is fed through a wire and weld.

TIG welding

TIG welding is known as one of the welding’s more difficult varieties to master…harder to perfect than MIG or stick welding. Because your hands are essential to tig weld that’s. One hand holds a tig torch using a tungsten electrode that delivers the arc and heat…and also the pole is fed by the other hand.