Air compressors are used to power air tools such as airbrushes, nails or sanders. If you plan to buy an air compressor (which is also known as ‘luftkompressor’ in the Norwegian language) for home use, you might think that the inflator will function.

Yes, this can be a good idea, but the inflator runs slower than a portable compressor. The best choice is to choose a portable one. This not only helps you expand things like basketball or inflatable chairs, but it can also power small air tools such as airbrushes or nails.

Air compressors have different uses. And with this, there are also special types of compressors for any special use. There are compressors used in industrial stores, on construction sites, or only for use in homes or garages. Determine where you will place the compressor to help you determine the exact size or type needed.

Of course, no one wants to buy an air compressor that needs to be replaced in a few months. It's not something you can buy every day. Prices for new compressors are not exactly what you call cheap. Prices will range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Considering this, it would be better to know the quality of the compressor you are going to buy to ensure that you get the value of your money.