Are you contemplating buying a wristwatch online? Become a member of the crowd! Wristwatches have grown to be one of the very most popular online buys.

But as you might have already uncovered, the substantial variety of styles and brands can be somewhat confusing. Below are a few guidelines that will enable you to narrow your decision.

First there exists the problem of size. Wristwatches have become much large within the last couple of years. While an average men’s watch may have assessed 32-35mm a couple of years previously, newer men’s wristwatches average 38-42mm with some as large as 55mm.

Rectangular pieces of course have a tendency to be narrower than circular watches. Average circumstance width for a men’s’ rectangular watch is 28-34mm. You can get more information about wooden watches for men via

Bigger wristwatches look good in pictures, but unless you’ve attempted one on, and enjoy it – a major watch can be considered a great conversation part – you should probably stay static in that 40mm range.

Ladies’ wrist watches have gotten bigger as well, although some women choose to wear men’s wristwatches these days. A big watch over a woman’s wrist can make a strong fashion declaration.

But if you are searching for the average size females’ watch, anything under 24mm would be looked at “petite”, 24-28mm “average”, and 28mm or larger. The average size girls’ rectangular watch would be 18-22mm.