Getting the perfect size baby hat for your toddler is very difficult job. Understanding how your child's head grows makes your decision a lot easier. From newborn to size 12 months babies have a rather small head. At this age you're searching for the smallest size hat you can buy.

 As your baby grows to 18 -24 months clothing their head size grows very quickly to about size 4T. You'll want to look for a small to medium sized hat for this age child. If you wish to buy perfect size hats, and baby bibs for your babies, you can sign up via newsletter at to know the latest trends in the market.

Picking the right size hat is a little tricky because two kids that fit the same size clothes can have significantly different heads. This sounds silly, but it's true just like it is in adults. Some people have big heads and some small heads and kids are the same. So if your child has a bigger or smaller than average head size you'll want to use your judgment when picking the size.

For girls, another factor in choosing a hat is hair. If your daughter has a lot of hair, tends to wear her hair up a lot or likes hair accessorizes you may want to choose a larger hat. Again this is a judgment call. With all this discussion, feel comfortable picking the right hat.