Courtesy: Hungrygowhere

Along with being a beautiful historic site and nature city for most history and nature lovers, Sandakan is also a great place for foodies. You can find a good selection of food in this city ranging from cakes and pastries to the popular Sandakan seafood. Below are a few Sandakan food items everyone should try out.

1. Ikan Bakar

Ikan Bakar or in other word grilled fish is a popular food item in Sandakan. You order rice or other dishes along with Ikan Bakar, and even the local sambal which will be a nice spicy addition to your fish meal. Pasar Sim Sim is the most famous place for finding the best Ikan Bakar. Remember to go there early for lunch and dinner if you want to find the best selection of grilled seafood.

2. Spring noodles

This is a delicious dish which contains dry noodles in a bowl of fresh seafood soup. The special thing about these noodles is that they are hand-made in Sandakan and are really springy. Visit the Restoran 88 Sim Sim if you are looking for the best spring noodles in town. Also try to come early in the morning to get them because they usually finish really fast.

3. Kway teow with deep-fried pork

You must definitely try out the kway teow with deep-fried pork. It contains deep fried pork, tossed in soy sauce and served with lard and fried shallots.

Therefore, try out these dishes when you head on your Sandakan city tour.