Car accidents can occur anytime-anyplace and with anybody. If you're fortunate, enough, only your car will get damaged but fortunately you'll survive with small bruises and minor scrapes. 

BUT……before getting happy about your good fortune, get an appointment with an accident doctor in North Port or from an auto injury chiropractor in your area. Possibilities are there that you might have undetected injuries that might cause you a lot of trouble sooner or later.

Hidden Injuries from Auto Accidents

The time of accident cars bang with each other and due to that extreme hit and jerks, you get thrown forward and then backward, and probably you might even be jerked side-to-side. 

All of these body movements due to extreme hard jerks increases the possibility of creating tears in your back and neck muscles and in some cases it can even cause the misalignment of your spine.

At times, wounds are not visible on your body due to which emergency room doctor sends you back home after giving you muscle pain reliever and a pain killer, with a cue to come back for a checkup if you feel worse. 

After some days, weeks or months, you experience persistent headaches and back or neck pain. These pains can be due to the injuries that weren’t visible are the time of accident. In such a case, it would be wise to contact the accident doctor or take chiropractic care. 

SO… Do not neglect these symptoms, it doesn’t matter how trifling they may be. BUT, they will get worse if you will leave them untreated.