The reason you should be opting for high retention YouTube views is because it is these types of views that you could pay for and benefit from, as opposed to fake views that not only lack retention but also that are sourced from artificial sources such as bots. High retention YouTube views are views that come from real humans.

Sellers of high retention YouTube views have a way of directing people interested in watching videos similar to what you may have published so what you get is specifically actual visitors who would be watching your videos and interacting with it and this is exactly what happens naturally too when you get viewers from YouTube searches or through search engines.

The problem however is that very few sellers that you would come across online would be capable of providing you with real high retention YouTube views. The rest can only do fake views which is not good for your channel and for your YouTube account in general as well as for your marketing goals.

So, the next time you happen to be looking for sellers that sell YouTube views, make sure you specify that you are after real High Retention Youtube views and nothing else. That is because you can only benefit from real views.