The Indian healthcare industry is still in its infancy but is growing at a rapid pace. That’s the reason it is referred to as a sunshine industry. It is generating a lot of revenues and creating a lot of job opportunities. Growing health consciousness has ensured a robust domestic demand. The cost advantage over the developed world has ensured an exponential growth in the numbers of international clientele. The robust growth in health care services has benefitted the health insurance and pharma companies as well.

There is a high domestic demand for healthcare services because of rise in population and increase in life expectancy. Universal healthcare system runs at both, the state and the central level. But poor infrastructure, low quality services and less penetration in the rural areas has aided the establishment of a supportive private healthcare network. People may also get latest health news of india via

Presently, the nation is in a state of flux as fas as health care for common man is concerned. The government-run hospitals lack quality doctors (even numbers are inadequate), staff, medicines and basic facilities. On the other hand the private sector is coming up multi-speciality healthcare set ups. This has resulted in exorbitant treatment costs. The government expenditure on healthcare is more or less stagnant, while investment in private healthcare is rising rapidly. Foreign investors too are seeing India as a great opportunity. In the last 13 years, hospitals and diagnostic centres have received FDI worth $2191.91 million. These funds are being utilised for research and development, setting up new facilities, developing super specialisation in diseases like hepatitis B and diabetes, and treatment for domestic and foreign patients.