A cable pusher is used to store cables safely, without it being jumbled up or damaged. It is very important to spool the cable on the reel very carefully before taking it from one place to another, in order to keep the cable safe and secure.


You can purchase a cable pusher online as well as at a store, which has new and second-hand cable pusher for sale. You need to buy them very carefully, and also maintain the equipment with utmost care. Tips for maintaining a cable pusher include:

1. Storage

A cable pusher and the cable should always be stored in a cool, dry place, away from any moisture. Moisture can cause rust in the equipment, and also in the wires, which can disrupt the whole process of transferring electrical signals. Moisture in the wiring can also cause short circuiting, leading to fire hazards.

2. Cleaning

Maintenance also includes proper cleaning of the machine after each use. Since a cable pusher is used in different kinds of sites, where you might have to work in the mud or dust, it is possible that the cable pusher catches the mud or the dirt around. It is very important to clean it properly and make sure no residues ofmud remain on it. Make sure there is no moisture too when you put it safely back inside the store-room.

3. Frequent inspections

If anything breaks or is disabled, make sure you get everything else checked as well. Schedule frequent inspections to make sure that everything is working fine.  It might cost you a little initially, but it will help your equipment and you in the long run.

Proper maintenance of the equipment will always help you stay safe, and save some extra money and the long run.