Food is what drives everyone crazy. They say, “Time heals everything,” but no, Good food heals everything. The recent trend of pop up restaurants is fast catching up pace with the fine dining restaurant standard. There are always new trends and inventions when it comes to food and each one of them is loved equally.

One of the best cuisines invented so far is the Thai food. It is a nice amalgamation of Chinese and European food with a twist of Asian. It combines unique flavours and uses secret spices to make the food exuberant and full of delight.

  • The Perfect Getaway With Your Friends: In Melbourne, thai restaurants are hard to find. You might get one but where to get the authentic taste? Your search ends right here. Ghin Khao has emerged as the best restaurant when it comes to bringing true Thai culture on Platter. Whether it is Phad Thai Goong, Gai Phad Bai Kaprow or Somtum, all your hunger pangs will have a wishful end.
  • Unique Taste To Drool You Away: The chefs prepare the spices choosing only the secret and pure ingredients from their hometown, Thailand. Not only it is a beautiful country but also has deep and sensual culture. It has deep roots when it comes to culinary skills and leaves no stone unturned to create the perfect dish.

It is clear that the perfect Thai food is no longer an unachievable task. Rather, splurge into the restaurant and feel home.