Fabric printing will be another generation of screen racks. Introduced following improvements in printing technologies, cloth displays are printed with the newest digital dye sublimation.

This exceptional printing method together with the smooth look and durability of these stands create these screens exceptionally advantageous over conventional screens. For more information about custom fabric printing, you can visit http://www.fabricprintingthailand.com/natural-fabric-printing.php.

Primarily, there are three varieties of fabric screen racks, the initial is that the very popular choice which is made up of a printed “cloth sock” which has been stretched over a metal top framework.

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The following are Hop up Displays, that possess a concertina framework the cloth is connected to. The images are attached and may be flexed and expanded with all the versatility of the cloth. After available, some creases are extended out, leaving a smooth horizontal surface.

Last, stress lightbox images are cloth displays which are stretched over a metal framework and can be readily backlit using LED panels.

Tension images are printed cloth panels that have a silicone bead stitched to every edge of the cloth. This can be then readily pushed into a slot over the metallic framework extending the cloth throughout the framework. Together with the cloth being readily placed into the framework, the screen panels are readily altered from the end user.

Quality Printing

With recent improvements, fabrics can now be printed using the identical quality and resolution as conventional screen stands. Fabric screens utilize dye-sublimation procedures to provide a top quality, colorful print that’s strong and chemically bonded to this substance.