I really do not go to the movies often, maybe three times a year, usually for big screen productions like Lord of the Rings or any Star Wars episode or the new King Kong, once in a while for an off-beat drama or comedy.

That's not to say I don't watch flicks–I do, just in the privacy of my own place. The problem is that audiences annoy me with the talking and the chewing and the crunching and the snorting already. I have a control issue about my viewing environment, okay? To get more info for hostels and their services  you can visit at http://www.purplemonkeyhostel.com/.



Anyway, I can count on one hand, assuming not one of my digits have been hacked off, the amount of so called horror videos I possess seen in a theater in my life. The last one–Alien, 1979. The final one I purposely rented to see was The Blair Witch Project, 1999.

Of course , I have tuned in on the usual products around Halloween to get my fill of Freddie, Michael and the bunch. It's like anything otherwise, when I want to laugh, I watch humor; when I want to think, I watch a documentary. I understand what We want to experience, when I want to experience it. And once in a glowing blue moon, I want to be scared.

Such was your case this past weekend break. Therefore i went to see "Hostel". That seemed to be the movie to see for horror. The couple of things. 1st, I'm not good with the gore stuff; "Reanimator" occurs to you as a great example of gore gone almonds.