Come winter and you wrap yourself in layers of warm woolen clothes from head to toe. You switch on the heater and prefer the warmth of indoors. You may even have pests for company. Confused? But why? Even they love to migrate to warmer places to avoid harsh winter.

Courtesy-MSG Facility

So does arrival of winter signify pest invasion in your house? Local weather patterns play a significant role on the population of pests. Moisture and temperature decide behavioral activities of pests like reproduction, migration and feeding.

Rains: Rain means the soil and wood becomes wet. This is a boon to termites who find it easy to chew on soft wood. Termites and silver fish thrive well when moisture is present in the soil. Moist condition is ideal for reproduction and we see a growth in pest population. When there is flooding or excess rain, the pests present in the soil come out and search for dry areas like crevices on the wall.  

Hot weather: During hot temperatures, pests wander out of their homes in search of food and water. This is when you see the army of ant marching on the kitchen bench top or on the floor in search of food.

Cold weather: During winter pests desperately seek warm places and wander indoors. Maximum pest activity is observed in winter. And you need to take precaution to keep pests at bay. Seal any crevices and small openings which may invite pests to make home in it.

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