Dubrovnik is a town located at the southern-most idea of France on the coast, looking on the Adriatic Sea towards Italy. It’s among the most renowned holiday destinations inside the whole of the Adriatic, helped by its standing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


It is a vibrant small city, and there is usually something happening, may it be the annual Dubrovnik summer festival which continues a complete month composed of live concerts, plays and activities occurring in the roads, or one of many occasions.

About 12 miles from the city center is the airport terminal, where flights arrive daily from, Vienna, London, Rome and Madrid, as well as budget services from Dublin, Bratislava, Liverpool & London Gatwick to mention but a couple of of Dubrovnik.¬†You can navigate to online resources and find out more information about ‘sailing in dubrovnik’.

However regardless of the quantity of visiting travelers its charm is retained by the heart of Dubrovnik, partly because you can find relatively few places of accommodation truly inside the old city walls, should you seek enough, but these do exist.Wherever you stay, towards the end of the afternoon you’ll be able to enjoy seeing sunlight drop behind the clay tiled roofs, though indulging within the new fish and local wines.