Courtesy-My Fancy House

Common Industrial sites were gradually converted into lively environment by the talented Graffiti artist with the permission of government authorities in some countries. With public acceptance and interest, many property owners have even started collaborating with the street art companies for creating street art on their property. Companies also hire graffiti artist on permanent or contractual basis as per the demand. Unlike earlier graffiti, today’s graffiti is not socially and politically driven; in fact it has evolved in many more dimensions which is culturally enriched and socially accepted.

Graffiti artist takes city as their canvas and can make whole story in their artistic form which is of course liked and accepted by public. Graffiti on the wall is the art which is when created by excellent graffiti artist can get many Instagram hashtags and many photo shoots. Everyone loves color and the wall which is artistically painted with graffiti is something which makes people feel happier. Hence government is taking initiatives to make the street’s wall to have graffiti art on it to make the place more attractive for tourists.

Graffiti artist are more motivated to enhance their talent by adding more specification and new ideas to their art. Moreover, their scope is not limited to streets but has also expanded to the walls of café, restaurants, residential spaces and offices. Everyone wants their place to look more modern and hence people are getting graffiti wall art. The excellent work of graffiti art on wall also enhances the property rates to some extent.