When it comes to picking out new appliances for your kitchen, it really is the individual preference that matters most. Some cooks like to only have top of the line products that do everything except stand on their head, while other cooks like me don't really think they need a lot of features. Well, I was wrong about that when it came to picking out a food processor.

While comparing brand names and models at my local department store, I became a little overwhelmed trying to make up my mind. I didn't know what the different watts of power could do or what difference it really made. Some came with additional attachments and some didn't.

I decided to wait a few more days before buying one and I came home and did some research on line. I found out that if you are going to use a food processor a lot, then you likely want more watts. If you have a big family and it will take longer to prep the food, you need more watts. I also found out other useful information like what certain attachments do and whether or not I would need them.

So cutting to the chase, I found this information on a site called Luxury of the Pharaohs. I visited other sites as well, but this one seemed the most helpful to me. I ended up going with a KitchenAid processor because it is a brand name I trust and it had all of the features I thought I would need. It's works great and it saves me loads of time when I'm getting my meals ready. If you've been thinking of adding a food processor to your kitchen, don't wait another day! You will not regret getting one!