Most of the pregnancy test kits available now provide quite accurate results. However, what's the ideal time to take a pregnancy test at home so as to receive maximum accuracy?

The pregnancy kit which girls use at home detects the beta-hCG level from the urine and, accordingly supplies the outcome. Visit to buy pregnancy strips at an affordable range.

The launch of hCG in urine and blood occurs as soon as the fertilized egg implants. You can check the hormone either in your urine or blood for early pregnancy detection. Sometimes, it is also utilized to check the birth-related defects.

Why one should consider taking the Pregnancy Test at the Morning hours?

Well, the solution is really simple. At the first trimester, between the fourth and fifth week of pregnancy, the hCG level usually remains high and you'll be able to test it everywhere in a day.

The majority of the home pregnancy test kits imply morning pregnancy tests when you're neither overly dehydrated nor have taken a lot of fluid.

Talking about the truth, morning pregnancy tests are highly precise. If you figure out how to take the test the day or a few days after your missed your period, the precision level is going to probably be 99%.

What Factors Affect Pregnancy Test Accuracy?

It is evident that pregnancy test results won't show equivalent accuracy all of the time. As discussed above, the evaluation results mostly depend on the hCG concentration.

But, there are lots of different factors that also affect the accuracy of the evaluation. Let's have a glance at those variables. Always try to check the expiry date of the kit prior to purchasing.

Expired kits can show incorrect results. Also, if you take the exam too early; you may end up perplexed due to the inaccurate results. The mistake from the outcomes may also occur due to some technical problems associated with the functioning of the kit.