Medical marijuana is the medical use of this Cannabis sativa or even Cannabis indica plant to relieve symptoms of or treat ailments and conditions. The Cannabis plant has been used medically for centuries across the world until the early 1900s.

Medical marijuana facts can be difficult to find because powerful remarks exist, both pros and cons. Medical applications and emerging research on off-label uses are outlined in this report.

Which are THC and CBD?

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana. It is accountable for the "large" people feel. They're FDA-approved to avoid nausea and vomiting in people getting chemotherapy.


CBD or cannabidiol is another compound in marijuana that is not psychoactive. CBD is thought to be responsible for nearly all the medical benefits. To buy cannabis seeds you can browse to

THC:CBD: Nabiximols (Sativex) is a specific plant extract with an equal ratio of THC:CBD. It is approved as a drug in the UK and elsewhere in Europe for treating multiple sclerosis, spasticity, neuropathic pain, overactive bladder and other indications.

Medical marijuana products are available with a huge range of THC and CBD concentrations. The professional opinion states that 10mg of THC should be considered "one serving" and a person new to medical marijuana should inhale or eat no more till they understand that their personal response.