Spy apps come with many advantages, however there are also some disadvantages of using these spy apps. This is because no software can have all advantages. Some of the disadvantages are loss of privacy. There is nobody that likes to have his or her privacy noticed. These spy apps software opens up someone’s private life. This can create a lot of bad blood and resentment to the party that is spying on the other. This can tamper with relationships.

Some of the software such as flexi spy can intercept and record a conversation in the closest surroundings and can also live barge a call without the knowledge of the two people or the parties involved. This can cost the relationships of the people and colleagues’ because employees view it as tampering with their privacy. The lack of trust among the employers can lead to poor results of the company because the employees will not be committed to their work.

The GPS tracker is losing its importance. This is because most of the smartphones in the recent world come with a GPS tracker and helps you to identify and also track a location. Another big disadvantage of the software is the dependency on the internet. If the internet is not working, the software cannot function and cannot do any of the activities that it does.