There are different types of law firms. Some consist of a single attorney, multi-staffed to multi-state depending on states of a country. With different shapes and sizes, law firms depend on the type of legal issues such as criminal defense, transactional, etc. There are a number of factors to choose while hiring the right kind of lawyer. Let’s look at some of the types of law firms.

  • Solo Law Firms – These are firms consisting of a single lawyer. These lawyers usually practice legal matters that are generally such as family law or injury law. They may also specialize in a particular matter like patent law. If you’re looking to resolve a single issue or looking to save some cost, then working with such lawyers have certain benefits. However, solo lawyers lack the experience of a professional lawyer which may later become an issue.
  • Small Law Firms – Small law firms consist of about 10 lawyers. These lawyers work in a small group and offer help to each other during a complicated legal matter. Similar to a solo law firm, you may seek help from one of the lawyers for a general matter or ask them to represent you on a complicated matter.
  • Large Law Firms – As the name suggests, it consists of a dozen of lawyers along with employees working for HR, administrative staff etc. These lawyers have the skill and experience to handle complicated legal matters by representing individual or private companies.

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