Many cuisines are characterized by their different dishes such as sweetness, lightning spiciness and outright bone-shaking sourness.

Thai food is a kind of cuisine which spread worldwide and is beloved by many. Restaurants have profited from launching Thai cuisine in several areas of the planet and for restaurants in Thailand; many choose to refine their craft; to accommodate the taste buds of modern-age food critics. Cooking classes provide a rare glimpse into the kitchen, the science behind producing many drool-worthy dishes to assist people to relive the exotic flavor of traditional Thai food.

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Among the most important things about Thai cooking is using fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients are, the ‘heart and soul’ of Thai cuisine. Luckily, Thai markets are available early in the morning therefore; it enables would-be cooks to hunt down the best ingredients for their own dishes. When you’ve got all of the ingredients, now what do you do?

The Silom Thai Cooking School, located in Silom Soi 13 is renowned to be among the best cooking classes thus far in Bangkok. The courses hosted at the cooking school are small, roughly catering to 1 – 9 people.

The school teaches an assortment of well-known Thai dishes that are offered through their assortment of courses. Each program is characterized by appetizers, main courses, and desserts. For those interested in a crash course, the college does offer an intensive course, which lasts 1 – 7 days. Contained in the wreck course is market excursions, certification and recipes book.