Although you've probably already heard of the Clickbank University, you may not know much about the lesser known alternatives.  While Clickbank University is great place to learn about online marketing and product creation, it's only one of many resources for budding online entrepreneurs, so in this post I'm going to talk about some of the alternatives as well.

Clickbank University is a members only training resource that includes two courses – one about product creation that lasts for six weeks and another about affiliate marketing which lasts for eight.  Membership costs $49 and you can get started with either course right away – there is also support if you need it and access to the CBU online community.

One of the most popular alternatives to CBU is Wealthy Affiliate.  This is a very similar resource, that includes both courses and community support form other members and the founders themselves.  It's more expensive at $49 every month, but it comes with a lot more courses, which can be good or bad – if you get overwhelmed easily or struggle to focus I would not recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

There are of course other alternatives too – but many do not stick around for long as they are one off "make money" courses, not recognised and established "universities" like CBU and WA.  Years ago there was one called "the Rich Jerk", which was all hype and very little substance.  So if you are interested in learning about internet marketing and business, I'd recommend joining either Wealthy Affiliate or Clickbank University instead of any other alternatives.