DNA Treatment for Reverse Ageing

New skin products are available on the market that at a cellular level can appear to work as age-reversers. These contain polynucleotides, also known as DNA.

There are products now on the market that are non-invasive with almost no downtime.  At the core of the treatment is harvested from salmon.  For many years doctors have used salmon to treat some ailments including wounds for diabetics utilising a microneedle under the first layer of the skin.

By using this technique, is it proving to be more effective than apply skin to the outer layers?

New Non-surgical Skin Lifts

Naturally, skin sags as we get older as collagen slowly disintegrates, which is what keeps skin tight on the face. Although surgical face-lifts are still very popular around the world there is a new technique not requiring surgery, which has its benefits as an operation where a patient is anesthetised for any length of time can carry a degree of risk, and of course, there are no post-surgery stresses with this technique.

The way it works is by using dissolvable threads placed under the skin that help to compress and lift the sagging collagen lacking skin, helping to reposition it and give it lift. This treatment is known as the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift and is now seen as a fast, painless and immediately effective form of collagen stimulation for the face.

The ‘Glass Skin’ Complexion

The new buzzword in beauty trends is K beauty. It focuses on a glowing complexion that is entirely smooth almost like glass. To achieve this pigmentation is the first hurdle to remove and any scars or facial wrinkles.

The treatment takes place with a laser to rid the pigmentation and uses carbon peel treatment. This kind of surgery, however, does not come cheap especially if you opt for botulinum toxin, which is a dermal filler to provide an extreme treatment for reverse the signs of ageing.

For more natural and less expensive ways to treat your appearance consult your local Skin specialist Adelaide as there are many ways to achieve the look, you want without extreme costs.