If you are planning to visit the New York city, make sure that you do not miss out paying a visit to certain breathtaking locations which you later repent. There are many websites too that can act as a guide for your visit to NYC such as FreshNYC.com, etc. Here through this article, I will give you some idea on few fun things that you can do in NYC. So, make the most of your time with your family and friends when you visit this amazing city.

1. Begin your trip with visiting “The Empire State Building”, one of the iconic buildings in the world. The building is located in the 34th street and 5th avenue. Here, you can catch some of the breath-taking views of the New York City. While visiting the Empire State Building, make sure you utilize your time in an optimal manner. Make sure you take the print outs of the tickets which will save you from standing in the long queues. Another nifty idea would be to buy express tickets which will place you in the front of the queue in security checks and elevator line. If you want to avoid being a part of huge crowd, then you can buy the tickets for 102nd floor observation deck. It is less often crowded and will give you a satisfying experience.

2. The next thing in the list is the Statue of Liberty which has been the symbol of hope and democracy throughout the world. To visit this wonderful landmark, you need to take a ferry which is a treat in itself. Kids will especially love this break as outing in the city can get tiring at times.

3. Central Park is quite relaxing place and is another way of getting away from the noisy surroundings of the city. You can simply have a walk with your love by your side or you can enjoy a picnic too :). This place has been the heart of the city for over 150 years.