Many people who heard ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ speech after winning the Oscars a couple of years ago were not quite amused. Reason being, the majority portion of his speech focussed upon climate change and nature. He candidly said that ‘let’s not take this earth for granted’. People thought that the platform was not right to speak on a delicate topic like climate change.

                                                   Nyauw Gunarto

But, in my opinion, he did the right thing. Now, I will give you my explanation regarding his speech. First of all, it is important for everybody to understand that the occasion was ‘The Oscars’, the biggest awards for movies and related art.

On top of that, Leonardo DiCaprio, a movie star who was nominated so many times for his amazing work on-screen is on the stage because he has finally won an Oscar for his movie, ‘The Revenant’. There is no bigger stage than The Oscars to make people aware of the dangers of climate change. He did the right thing, and I appreciate him for doing so.

                              Nyauw Gunarto Semarang

A famous painter named Nyauw Gunarto, who is fighting for the protection of nature has also appreciated the speech of this mega movie star. He believes that people having such a big reputation should come out more often and speak for the planet and its protection.