Copper Kitchen Sinks have surprisingly become one of the most popular choices in Kitchen Sinks due to both their functionality as well as their beauty. This site will show you what you need to know about Copper Kitchen Sinks and all the information that will assist you to choose the right Copper Kitchen Sink for your Kitchen. The main attraction of a Copper Kitchen Sink is that they are vitually maintenance free. Copper Kitchen Sinks eventually change color to a medium coppery brown color over time. This is the one amazing thing that makes these Copper Kitchen Sinks so beautiful. If you leave the Copper Kitchen Sink untreated and it will change over time to a light bronze color.

Natural antibacterial elements are found in copper, hence Copper Kitchen Sinks are considered more hygienic than other conventional sinks. Bacteria cannot survive on the surface of copper and many studies have shown Copper Kitchen Sinks may be even better than stainless steel sinks when it comes to hygiene. These studies have shown that common bacteria such as staphylococcus and ecoli can live on the surface of stainless steel for several days as opposed to just a couple of hours on the surface of copper.

A big reason many people choose a Copper Kitchen Sink for their Kitchen is to add some elegance to the Kitchen. Your Copper Kitchen Sink is really a work of art since most of them are manually hand made.

There is an array of different finishes and lusters available with Copper Kitchen Sinks. The more natural looking Copper Kitchen Sinks have a reddish tint and these are great in Far East, Oriental or contemporary style homes. Copper Kitchen Sinks are also available with a clear type finish and these sinks have a more brownish appearance and go well with more classical styled Kitchen designs.

It needs to be noted when purchasing a Copper Kitchen Sink some are made from repurposed and  recycled copper. These Copper Kitchen Sinks are usually less expensive sinks and the copper is only about 90% pure on average. These Copper Kitchen Sinks may have been made from melted down electronic parts and machinery, discarded copper cable and other things. These sinks have been found to be not as durable since they don't have the natural abilities of 100% copper, this fact needs to be taken into consideration before saving a few dollars on your Copper Kitchen Sink. Selecting the right Copper Kitchen Sink will add beauty and elegance to your home for many years.