I'm constantly amazed that today's "information age", the majority of people does not understand how important water really is. Did you know that our bodies are formed of 70% water? Even when people hear this, someway it's disregarded. Suppose if you put water in the gas tank of your car how poorly it would work. (It would go wrong, not run appropriately, maybe not even start). Well, in comparing to that, we have some chemicals put in with our water. You can read Enagic kangen water reviews from various online websites.

If you're drinking tap water, yes, it's free which is a positive – but the down side is that it's acidic between 6-6.5 pH to normal. This adds to acidosis, gout, acid reflux, kidney stones and other nasty illnesses. Your tap water also contains significant amounts of chlorine.

How chlorine works is that it's extremely effective at killing things, but it doesn't discriminate between cells so it also kills the friendly bacteria in your gut! Most areas in the United States and Canada have tap water that includes other chemicals/pharmaceuticals/heavy metals, etc. This is factually poison that we just drink without inquiring.

Some say that Alkaline Water is immoral for you because it defuses the acids in your stomach, which are required to break down your food. This isn't correct either because the first time that hydrochloric acid is released into your stomach is when you're eating. That's why you're not supposed to drink water with your food! Is it becoming clearer that Alkalinized Water is not a scam?