Malaysia is a nation that lies just south of Thailand, close to the Equator. It is a state that basks in the sunshine throughout the year and is as green as any country can be. Malaysia is split into two major parts which are Peninsular Malaysia just below Thailand and East Malaysia which lies on the island of Borneo. The cruise excursion kuala lumpur is designed for cruise passenger who has a specific time to disembark and embark.

There are numerous reasons to plan a holiday to Malaysia: 

The first and much important reason are that Malaysia is a multi-racial nation. This state is populated by three main races which are the Malays, Chinese and Indians. There are also numerous other races that dwell here including the various aboriginal tribes. This gives you're quite exceptional chance to experience so numerous cultures and traditions within a relatively small space.

This becomes much more exciting during the many holidays which are celebrated here where visitors should join in and celebrate together. These festivals are exceptionally colorful and energetic.

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The food that's served here is as varied as the people who dwell here. Food is definitely one of the most famous motives to visit Malaysia. It truly is a nation known to have a food stall or restaurant almost everywhere you turn.