The quantity and quality of chemical residues in normal baby clothes are making parents think twice about they're buying.  Organic baby clothes are receiving far more popular because many people come to mind that the child will be exposed to dangerous toxins. 

Do You Know?

Fabrics found in conventional baby clothing often contain formaldehyde as a finish.  Not only that, but seven of the very best fifteen pesticides commonly applied to cotton are known or potential carcinogens in line with the EPA.

 It requires greater than a third of any pound of these pesticides to help make the average tee-shirt, but cleansing won't necessarily take away the residues kept in the textile. 

Chemicals don't just appear during the cotton growing, either.  While cotton is being changed into the cloth, it can be treated with substance softeners and brighteners, dirt and grime and fire retardants, formaldehyde and ammonia. You can also buy organic baby clothes for your kids by visiting

You might feel that switching to fabricated baby clothes is an improved choice than spending the excess money on cotton.  However, that isn't the best option, either.  Fleece and other synthetics result from petroleum founded chemicals, produced from gas or oil. 

Over the life of a garment, these materials continue steadily to off gas.  And, they may have unsavory chemical coatings, too.  You might find ammonia, benzene, or ethylene glycol in the surface finishes of polyester and its own mixes, as well as fleece.