This is a rough question to answer. A repair tech has more possible ways to market his or her skills than, say, an accomplished line cook or a pharmacy employee. They are capable of working hourly at a company job (dollars per hour vary by size of employer), they can labor at home through the classifieds, advertising a priced-out flat rate, or they can find some employment with any companies that are advertising themselves by using the yellow pages, and this type of employment gains an hourly rate.

There is absolutely no straightforward response to what, out of the real means of finding work, will pay the best. You can repair your computer, MAC and 'damage phone' (also known 'skade Mobiltelefoner' in Norwegian language) with the help of expert.

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On the common, however, the quantity of computers in America that may need regular maintenance, and the amount of know-how a computer repair tech must have to get almost any low-level repair work, interact to make career as a repair specialist a fairly reputable, constant occupation.

Laboring for an hourly buck amount as part of an already existing business, the lowest-paid computer repair techs get something near $10 one hour, and the highest-paid computer repair technicians with the same degree of obligations seem to be to earn something near $15.

This money income varies depending on position of the employee's certificates in the repair specialist field and related experience in technology work program.

To demonstrate this, our research demonstrated that Best Buy technicians, when they work in the store, earn about $11 one hour, whether they have got a low-level documentation or not. You will discover thousands of time in this type of computer tech salary work, though, therefore the money is reliable.