Did you know that there are diseases associated with teeth? Taking proper and good care of your mouth is very important to both your oral and general health together with your appearance. Some of the oral diseases which are left untreated can lead to gum problems and tooth loss. Dental diseases are usually categorized into three groups which include those diseases of the teeth such as tooth cavities and decay. These happen when toothbooth plaque is allowed to accumulate on the surface of the tooth for long time.

The second group of these diseases are the dental diseases which that involve gum diseases. Gum diseases such as gingivitis which is caused by bacteria in plaques which infects the gums by producing an acid. when gingivitis is left untreated for a long time, it may develop into a condition called periodontal disease. This impairs the support system and erodes the gum line that supports the teeth.

The third group of the diseases is those that consist of oral cancer.it affects parts of the mouth and throat for example the cheeks, lips, tongue and gums. Those who are largely affected by oral cancer are those who smoke tobacco, cigarette and drink excess alcohol. To prevent getting lip cancer, you should use lip balm that is sun protected.