For installing cables underground there are different types of machinery and equipment used. For the installation process alone, the tools that are frequently used consist of cables, wires, digging machines and pulling tools. Below are a few types of equipment that make the underground installation of cables possible:

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1. Conduit

It is a type of tube that is used to cover electric wire and it helps in protecting them from wear and tear. It is very essential to use a conduit to ensure that wires and cables last for longer time in underground conditions. They also house a network of wires which helps in their maintenance.

2. Cable Pulling Devices

These devices are one of the most important tools for installing cables underground especially in telecommunication projects. These machines enable professionals to pull out cables and wires to deal with multiple bends and for maintenance purposes. You can easily get the required equipment like cable puller and cable reel trailer for sale for your underground cable installation project.

3. Ploughing tool

Another important tool that is necessary in installation of underground wires is the ploughing tool. In case of telecommunication projects, static and vibratory equipment is used. These are basically a type of winches that are used to lay cables underground. These tools are used along with the digging equipment to secure fibre optic cables.

4. Boring tools

These tools are used for the installation of wires, conduits and cables in infrastructure. They are basically used for drilling holes in metal, plastic, fibre and wood.

These are some of the tools that make installation of underground cables easier, more manageable and less time consuming.