The Colorado School of Public Health nationally says there are almost 167,000 kids than younger and adolescents 20 who have type 1 diabetes.

Four-year old Parker Campbell was a kid that is healthy and totally happy, until four months ago when Jylisha Campbell, his mom, found him experiencing extreme tiredness and drinking more water.

Parker, just like an increasing amount of young kids was diagnosed with type 1 symptoms of diabetes.

Campbell said the symptoms seemed to all familiar to her, she grew up with a diabetic dad who has fought with type 1 diabetes for 39 years.

"So my dad was diagnosed 39 years ago with type 1 diabetes, therefore I've grown up my entire life understanding about it. It is signs and symptoms," Campbell said.

"I look back and I believe I understood. But actually you do not understand how to actually anticipate something like that until somebody tells you," Campbell said.

Symptoms of type 1 diabetes in many cases are mistaken for the other or flue common illness like strep throat, she said.

Based on the Center for Prevention and Disease Control, the most common symptoms are being really thirsty, losing weight, feeling tired and urinating a lot, increase hunger, blurry vision.

"Children beverage which causes them to need to use the toilet, and children drink lots of water. All those symptoms of diabetes are so readily excused for other matters," Campbell said.

There have already been several reported deaths of young kids that have perished in the U.S. who were misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.

Where an MRI revealed that cerebral edema was caused by complications from type 1 diabetes, causing a herniation of her brain and injuring many vital areas of her brain.

Kycie expired pneumonia last year with her parents at home.

Campbell said many medical professionals over appearance symptoms, or do not understand how to diagnose it.

"There is kids across the country on a regular basis which are perishing because they're not diagnosed correctly," Jylisha said.

She inquired why can not a simple finger stick be protocol only to rule out type 1 diabetes?

She also said Parker living a healthy life and is doing just great. Get complete details at type 1 diabetes forum