The garden designs are an integral part of the ancient culture and also remain with us in the form of various monuments. There are many type of gardens such as the mughal Gardens, the greek gardens, botanical gardens etc. The garden designs have been integrated in the modern world as a part of the formal landscaping. There are many layers and props which are used in order to get the right Garden design north shore. The place being a great tourist attraction also has a thing for beauty and the aesthetic value.  If you explore then there are some basic salient features for a garden design in North shore Landscaping that are needed. Here is a list of these basic features.

Site And Style Of Design

The site and the style of the place where the garden is to be built also remains of value. The basic shape of the site and the design of the venue also gives idea to the landscaper for the garden design.


The walls also form an important part of the garden design. The walls help to provide a divider function of sorts for the gardens. They givemore of a security function to the garden.


Some commercial places also prefer to have gates on the opening and the closing of their gardens. They provide value to the design of the place. They also have a protective function and prevent unknown people to enter the property.


A terrace garden design is employed mostly on the commercial and big buildings. It helps integrated the luxury and space and at the same time retain the natural beauty that comes from the garden.

Canals Of Running Water

Water can provide a really good landscape design to a garden Some channels or water bridges can also be created to enhance the basic look of the garden.

Trees Flowers Birds

Trees are natural element that add oxygen to the garden. Flowers add beauty. Birds can inhabit a place with suitable facilities.