The shirt is then assessed from this to make the size we usually buy. For short men, this causes problems because general measurements cannot stand when it reaches their size. What you find are shirts that have low pockets, folds of shoulders that are dropping from the sides and that make people feel like they are wearing someone else's shirt.

Unite it

Look for brands that offer athletic pieces. For short men, it doesn't matter if you are not athletic yourself, the athletic cutting-edge way will translate much better to your frame. You can also buy custom made shirts design from various online sources.

Accept that there will be changes. If the neck is right, other things can be reset or sharpened. This will make a big difference to the end result. Many men avoid this detail, thinking that it's too expensive but it's better to have a shirt that fits just a little more expensive than a bad-fitting shirt that makes you look cheap.  

If all else fails, consider going for the traditional shirtdress route. This is just the best way to get the match you want without compromise.

Finding the right clothes can be a challenge, but it's worth doing. When you find a brand that you like, prepare a white and light blue base. Striped patterns are always a good idea for shorter men but don't avoid horizontal lines.