Rates are being raised by a Washington State utility months after a dispute with the local business started over its electricity use.

The definition, as said by the PUD, is meant especially to cover bitcoin cloud mining and server farms, or data centers that especially service network trades.

The increase will not be immediately felt by the area’s bitcoin miners, yet, as the PUD said that a five-year transition period is being started for present customers who can reveal they’ve made "significant investment" and satisfy additional standards.

The procedure dates back to when the industrial bitcoin mining boom started. At some time, several companies sought to create a presence in the hydroelectric power-loaded Chelan County.

Bitcoin miners run high powered machines in a race to find the next block of trades, a procedure that rewards are earned by them in the network. More economical power means more profitability for miners, and a few of the most affordable electricity are available in areas like Chelan, especially in Washington State.

PUD representatives said they consider the rate increase is a good one, resulting from months of dialogue between members and utility officials of the general public.

It’s not clear the news is being taken by bitcoin miners in the area.

In interviews with CoinDesk before in 2013, miners working in nearby counties and in Chelan criticized the planned rate increase severely, with at least one indicating that the move could put them out of business.