A sailing cruise is essentially a voyage from place to put aboard a wind driven boat, as opposed to an engine driven vessel. The definition of "cruise", is often applied where guests are passengers on the voyage as opposed to participating in sailing the boat.

Boats offering sailing cruises tend to be quite long, more than 100ft (30m), and effective at carrying numerous passengers, all of whom pays a person price for a bunk / berth, or even a cabin.

How can it be distinctive from a Sailing Holiday?

On a sailing holiday guests desire to, and pay to be involved in activities to sail the boat in one location to the next. Typically, this kind of holiday is really a more active proposition.

How is really a Sailing Cruise distinctive from a Sailing Boat Charter?

Guests can book a person place (berth or cabin) on a sailing cruise; a sailboat charter is really a booking for the entire boat and is generally created by an organization, family or business for a private voyage. If you still have any of the queries left, you can browse Whitsundayssailingadventures to get relevant answers.

What Forms of Sailing Cruise Are There?

Trips might be booked for a day, a weekend, and for a week or maybe more with regards to the cruise boat's itinerary and the cruising area. Some boats operate out of a fixed harbor and run day to day cruises like a harbor or coastal tour, and a sunset cruise; others tend to be more nomadic and guests can join at one port and leave at another.