Filtered water is your best option for drinking fresh, pure water. Drinking pollutant-free water guarantees that we start off with the best water we could, without the chlorine odor, rust, rust and all of the toxins that aren’t removed by our water providers.

All that moves through the human body eventually ends up in our water supplies. Scientists have started to detect traces of antibiotics, contraceptives, and antidepressants in our water supply. That in itself is bad, but they’re mixing with other substances found in our tap water.

A chemical run-off is among the biggest offenders of compounds found in our drinking water; farmers and some industrialists are accountable. These toxins absorbed in the floor eventually make their way to the water table.

Lawn chemicals and cleaning materials also contain dangerous agents and are washed down the drain to the ground increasing the incidence of another ‘combo’ combination of deadly toxins. Discover Pipe Fittings and other Plumbing & Pipe Fittings at



Municipal water businesses add chlorine to our poisonous water supplies to disinfect–but not to eliminate the toxins. The corrosive nature of chlorine causes additional damage due to the leaching of lead and other harmful heavy metals into our tap water. Think about the corrosion inside galvanized pipes.

Now if we read of the aforementioned maladies we run to the grocery stores to stock up on bottled water that might not be as safe a product as we believe. The plastic bottles are a by-product of petroleum and as such can produce toxins known as phthalates. They leach into the water from the bottles and collect in the bloodstream as we drink it.

All they are sound reasons to push for a multi-staged filtering procedure for our municipal water source. And on a personal level, we can use tap water from filtered water bottles which eliminate up to 99.9 percent of these toxins and heavy metals and also remove the chlorine odor and taste when leaving from the minerals we need.