While it may at first seem complicated, keeping your pool water clean and safe basically comes down to testing it routinely then adding the necessary chemicals to keep it balanced. The water in your pool should have an alkaline pH level, which measures 7.5 pH or more. 

When the water has a pH level higher than 8 it can not only cause problems for your swimmers but also to the pool itself. Issues caused by high pH can include calcium carbonate build up on the walls, filter, pipes and pool pump.

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In times when the pool is being used most often and the weather is warm, there can be an increase in unhealthy contaminants in the water. These might include bacteria, algae and other types of build up that might be caused by dead skin cells, body oil, sweat, and urine.

These pool sanitizers and shockers often contain chemicals like chlorine, peroxide, and bromine which work to kill those bacterial organisms. They can also destroy the particles so there is no leftover organic matter floating in the pool that you can or can’t see.

Pool maintenance can be done without the help of a professional, but expect to invest a couple of hours every week and maybe more during the summer time to care for your pool properly.