Marketing these days is all about very clever publicity. Magazines, adverts, banners, ads; everywhere you see there is marketing. Traditional marketing is seen as a dying art but the truth is that it is still alive and going on very strong.

Promotional products are all about visuals, people see associate and recognize your brand. Awareness creates results which generate more sales and revenue.

Now the big question to pop is what promotional products should be used to market your brand. The answer is what your budget is and what business is about. Generally, the common promotional products include bags stationary business items desk accessories and clothing. It doesn’t have to be one of those but these are the common ones.  A great place to start looking for ideas for branded promotional products would be doing your research online.

The idea is to target your niche. Clothing works if you are, say a gym, but desk accessories and stationery are great for business and corporate niches. Subtle marketing is the key here.

Distribution is also something you decide on. If you are looking to attract general public giveaways are great way to do it. If you are looking to attract a specific customer than free first is the way to go. Curiosity always builds when the product in question is free.


When planned and executed properly promotional products are a great source of creating brand awareness and rewarding in terms of sales and generating revenue.