When you need to go out from your home on long weekends or take a vacation you put your pet in some pet hostel in town. You are definitely enjoying your break, but is your pet comfortable in the boarding? Does he show his displeasure when you frequently put him in boarding?


Not all pets love going to hostel. Putting a pet in boarding has its own drawbacks:

  1. Pets enjoy comfort of their homes. Putting them in new surrounding affects them psychologically. They find it tough to adjust in the hostel and remain aloof and petrified of bullies. Once they experience something bad, they refuse to adjust again the next time.
  2. In a boarding, your pet is exposed to other pets. With so many pets in the hostel proper and perfect hygiene of the place cannot be maintained. So transmission of fleas and diseases is common. One of the illnesses is kennel cough. And you don’t want the hassle of visit to the vet each time the pet returns from boarding.
  3. No individual attention is given to the pet. What love and affection is pampered to it at home goes amiss in the hostel.
  4. There are chances of your pet getting attacked and injured in company of other pets. Even though due care is taken, some untoward incidents can never be predicted.

Hiring the services of efficient in home pet sitters will ensure that your pet is properly looked after in the comfort of your home. And you know for sure that he gets his share of love and attention.