Everyone who work as a dentist are well aware of problems and issues that arise when someone cancel their dental appointment for some reasons. Reason can be anything, like: car broke down, parent teacher meeting, boss called up emergency meeting, and the list goes on and on. Appointments cancelation is annoying very much. From my experience I can tell you how to handle such conditions.

I believe there are four types of patients:

• People who always schedule an appointment and almost every time miss appointment without informing.

• Good patients, who never miss an appointment but book appointment in advance. They do need to reschedule.

• Patients, who make their appointments on call and inform you if they get late or not able to come due to some excuse.

• Patient who never make their scheduled appointment on time and always get late.

To handle all your patients effectively you must need online appointment software, which will not only take care of your appointments but also useful in rescheduling patients appointment. Software like Docmate Read Reviews (https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/DocMate-Reviews-E654553.htm) I prefer most because it is capable in texting message and voice reminders and confirmations to your patients in 26 different languages, now language is no longer barrier in your business growth. This software is also helpful in setting up post appointment emails as well.