Cosmetic dentistry involves all facets of dentistry with a strong emphasis on improving the aesthetics and function of the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry involves tooth whitening, veneers, contouring, bonding, bridges, and orthodontics.

The most popular form of cosmetic dentistry, particularly among working professionals is tooth whitening. Tooth whitening can revitalize a person's smile and given them a sense of confidence. It can be done in-office, using a method such as Brite Smile, or at home using a take-home kit such as Sapphire Whitening. You can get more information about ‘tooth facet’(also known as ‘facette dent ‘ in French language)online through various websites.

Another popular procedure for cosmetic dentistry is Invisalign. With the new Invisalign, also known as "invisible braces," people, particularly adults, don't have to deal with the embarrassment of wearing braces. These aren't typically an option in severe cases of orthodontic problems, but they work well for people with slight ones.

The third form of cosmetic dentistry are veneers. Veneers are thin porcelain laminates that are bonded to the tooth. They can close gaps in teeth and can also be used to whiten teeth that don't respond well to traditional tooth whitening.

Dental Veneers typically require some filing of the enamel to the tooth, although a new form of veneers called Lumineers, recognized as the painless and safe porcelain veneer.