In property, the fair maiden is your home in need of some cleaning and care, and a new dress to wear to go to the ball – or in this case – to be Staged and showcased together with the rest of the good-looking homes on the market. Along with the Fairy Godmother is a trained ASP Stager equipped not with a magic wand, but with creativity and talent to change ugly spaces into beautiful rooms.




Stagers change the plain into something special. The villain is the industry competition, and doubt that any attempt will make a difference. The pumpkin becomes the trucks that transport any stock required to add the “wow” factor. The white mice become fellow Stagers that help us in our work. The secure horses become the muscles – movers which may be used. And there you have “Stagerella” – the story of getting a home ready to satisfy its Prince. Buying or selling your home is one of the hardest things check out some important About House For Sale through

Search the web for listings and you will also be appalled by what’s there in photos. The eye of the camera doesn’t lie. When an estimated 90 percent of buyers appear online FIRST to research which homes might be prospects to purchase, why is it that Realtors and sellers still do not get the significance of placing good-looking photographs of Staged houses online? It’d be like Cinderella going to the ball in her rags and expecting Prince Charming to give her a second glance. It wouldn’t happen. Why then do Realtors and sellers expect a buyer to provide a house another glance once the home is wearing rags?

Some sellers might not believe their property is worthy of a transformation, settling instead of being an Ugly Stepsister – destined to be overlooked and undersold. And yet, every home can have a Cinderella story. It starts with a strategy and working with somebody who can see beyond the rags and show the possible princess lurking in the shadows. In a declining market, the effects of Staging is much more significant.

Every home deserves to go to the ball in a pretty dress. Statistics still show that Staging is an integral marketing tool – demonstration matters, and buyers need to feel good about their purchase.