Framed art needn’t cost the earth. Actually framed artworks can be the extremely inexpensive way when you permit yourself to reconsider precisely what constitutes a framework and, indeed what decides artwork.

To start with, you have to rethink the nature of art and its function in our everyday lives. As an Art Director of Urban Fine Arts which is a modern styled artwork company, I hold what is possible nowadays a slightly from fashion opinion on the nature of artwork for someone in my position.

In-keeping using the popular fashion, I do not think that art should always demonstrate a substantial amount of skill in the manufacturing and neither do I feel that art need be a high-brow, sacred thing nor that it need be recognized as art Рhowever, as I say, I really do think that art ought to be beautiful. Browse for selling art online to help bring art buyers to your portfolio or art website.




It has been said that “truth, like beauty, is quite much in the eye of the beholder” and those of you familiar with this postmodern paradigm may also appreciate any definition of art can be both subjective.

As an undergraduate I had been exposed to this, now standard, induction for all art students which sought to deconstruct the “popular myth” of art as our lecturers saw it. We had been told that there wasn’t any rigorous definition of art beyond merely describing it as “what we know as art” or “what hangs in a gallery”.